What Our Clients Say

Being able to seek advice from my Marketing mentor on the content and wording of my emails has given me the confidence and enthusiasm to get the results I want from my email marketing. We now send out 2 emails a month on a particular day at a particular time which gives us the highest open rate. The results are exciting! There has been a substantial increase in our turnover each month compared to previous years, which, if it continues will more than double our annual turn- over.

Chloe Bletchley, Marketing Manager, Whisper Pumps

One of the things I really like about Richard is that he’s not all theory. He’s very practical and hands on. For example, he wrote a recruitment ad for us and we had a fabulous response; we had no time wasters at all, only people who had real potential for the job, and quickly appointed an outstanding candidate.

Keith Beddingham, Chairman, Verax International

He has got me thinking like a marketing expert (within my field) instead of yet another “advertising salesman” as potential customers may see it. As a result, I am benefitting from better sales, longer term bookings and gaining quality referrals.I am excited about my company’s future, as I now have the knowledge, tools and help to market my business successfully and develop it further.

Paul Adamson, Owner, Local View Advertising Limited

Conservatively, I estimate the ideas Richard covered to be worth £50,000 to my business. Any business would be foolish to pass up this opportunity to review and sharpen up their marketing.

Roy Rose, Ideal Offices plc

This report was very easy to understand and included some excellent analogies. I now realise our marketing has been a little naive and have started implementing some major changes. Thank you Richard!

Stephen Carter, Acorn Maltone Ltd

This report is punchy and without waffle! It was easy to translate into action which has inspired me!

Alasdair Farquhar, Real Living 

Hi Richard, Many thanks for this invaluable report which I have downloaded and read three times. Now implementing.

James Walker

Business has picked up considerably and the overall response to our advertising, newsletters and promotional incentives has been very positive.We are doing some great work on maintaining contact with the” click throughs”, advertising leads and the ever growing database.

Martin Clarke, MD, Clarke Rendall

The next day, I promptly cancelled all the adverts I was running. There was so much valuable content in the seminar, I needed a week to put all the ideas into action.I went to all my partners and said I’ve been to this fantastic seminar – we must make all these changes.I’ve lent the free book to our marketing person and she’s raving about it. I was really, really impressed with the whole seminar.

Karen Agnew-Griffith, Woolley & Co, Solicitors

Since I started working with Richard, at the half year point this year we’ve done twice as much business as last year. And I’m estimating that if I carry on using Richard’s help and strategies in the way he is suggesting, I would have to say that we would treble the size of our business in the next five years. It’s readily achievable.

Julie Jerrum, Blu Bel

On the day we changed the name of the Newsletter and used the new landing page we had a surge in Newsletter sign- ups, which was wonderful!  In the last few months the sign up rate has improved by 66% due to the changes we made.

Chris Jay, Owner, Pets Bureau

I have been approached by a lot of other marketing companies, but none offer anything as focused or valuable as Richard’s direct response marketing. I’d recommend it highly to any other business.

Tass Anastasi, Marketing Director , Cyplon Holidays

When we started working with Richard Lomax & Associates our aim was to improve our marketing message. There are a lot of companies similar to us supplying printers, scanners and copiers and I wanted to differentiate ourselves. I knew we were better than our competition but needed to learn how to communicate this to our market place so that our potential customers understood.

Working with Richard Lomax & Associates has taught me how to identify and articulate how we are better and unique so that we win customers because of our products and services, not because we’re the cheapest.

The result has been that our margins per sale have dramatically increased, in fact, compared to our industry peers our capital equipment gross margin is 12% higher than their average. A partner business that I’m involved with has also seen substantial growth in its turnover since last year. Much of this I credit to our improved marketing.

Stephen St.Quinton, MD, The Drawing Group

Your advice is truly excellent, as is your fantastic level of service! Thanks for all of your help so far…

Steve Dixon , Torch Design

We had no hesitation in taking up Richard’s mentoring service. Our methods of thinking were too narrow and Richard has proved invaluable in expanding our marketing mindset. Richard’s mentoring exposed us to “proper marketing”.

The most valuable asset is when we are writing something, Richard is there to confirm we are on the right track, or correct and improve it as needed. Before the service we felt like we were doing too much work for very little results. Richard quantified, advised and coached and we inevitably saw results. What we have learnt from this partnership will stay with us, and I would definitely recommend Richard to any other company.

Chris Laker, Director, A T Promotions Limited

The beauty of Richard Lomax’s marketing strategies is that it is ‘Common Sense’. This makes them easy to put into practice.Having had a good look at our marketing with his strategies in mind, we immediately overhauled our main website and are working on the others. Some of these Common Sense strategies can be translated into how we talk to our prospects on a one-to-one basis which we can use on a daily basis.

Phil Needham, Hornbeam Chartered Accountants

What a day! I would recommend it to anyone. 10 out of 10.

I was so impressed that the next day I sent all the course notes to our parent company and shared what I’d learnt with my team. This resulted in us taking immediate action by contacting a group of lapsed customers with a correspondence that incorporated Richard’s techniques.

Darren Bentham , MD, Perry Processing Equipment Ltd

I’m very excited about the future of GPS Document Management. The business is even getting work in from areas we wouldn’t normally have considered.As a result of Richard’s strategies, I can see turnover increasing by £500,000 – £1,000,000 in the next 5 years, despite the recession.

Richard Smith, MD , GPS Document Management

There is no doubt about it membership of the Common Sense Marketing’s Marketing Club has enabled us to double our turn- over and profits in just over a year; We are just wiping the floor with the competition!

The help we have received has dramatically changed our mind set regarding what we can achieve and we now market ourselves more effectively and professionally. Having access to great ideas that have worked for others has been a great resource.

I’m looking forward to putting into action more of the marketing strategies over the next few months, to see what we can achieve by this time next year!

Philip Issacs, Owner , PJ Leafleting.

Our  telephone consultation with Richard Lomax saved us from having to buy an expensive mailing list. His advice was straightforward, to the point and easy to follow. His advice during that telephone call has enabled us to get our marketing off the ground.

Anna Tyler, Patner, Training Aid

The day was ‘fantastic!  I’ve been to a lot of Anthony Robbins seminars in the past and Richard’s Live Event was first class.  I loved Richard’s manner it was wonderful. His advice was so easy to put into action.  Although it was a group meeting the advice felt very personal. I was very impressed with the whole event.

Wendy Bailey, Owner, Alexandras

I really enjoyed the day and got a lot out of it.

But more importantly I’ve taken action. Within the week I had written a new sales letter, completely revamped a report, resurrected a piece of marketing that had been sitting in a drawer. I’ve done a lot!

When I came back to work I knew what I had to do and put it into action

Kirsti Shuba, MD, Collin UK

Since working with Richard and his colleagues, they have helped us increase our subscription base by 188% in the last year, and our newsletter subscriptions have now grown to nearly 1,600 in only nine months. I’d recommend any online business that wants to increase their income to apply the fresh ideas and proven strategies that Richard can provide.

Tessa Sheperdson, Landlaw Law

Having had zero response to several adverts I decided it was time to get some marketing help. I was desperate to attract new business.

Joining the Marketing Support Network signalled the beginning of a new successful era for my business. The unbelievable thing was that almost from day one my fortunes changed.

Since having access to Richard Lomax’s strategies and methodologies through the Marketing Support Network, I have attracted work – I’m like a magnetic field!

Richard Whidborne, e-Griffin Consulting

Richard Lomax is a guy who certainly knows his marketing! The greatest benefit to me from watching, listening, and speaking with Richard was the increased confidence I gained in my own marketing abilities and therefore my ability to drive my business confidently forward.

Robert Menlove, MD, Three Men Associates.

Richard’s advice made lots of sense – I was very impressed.

His advice enabled me to build a framework for my marketing over the next few months and within days I had put his advice on headlines to good use; to grab attention for a mini campaign we’re running this summer

Ann Brown, General Manager, JDT (UK) Ltd

The changes and ideas implemented by Richard to our marketing could easily be worth £100,000 to our business over the next year. The time spent with Richard and his team was  really worthwhile.

Jenny Henderson, Business to Business Exhibitions

Conservatively, I estimate the ideas Richard covered to be worth £50,000 to my business. Any business would be foolish to pass up this opportunity to review and sharpen up their marketing.

Roy Rose, Managing Director, Ideal Offices Plc

Richard’s style of writing is very easy to read.  It’s always in nice digestible chunks, which gives me the confidence to put it into action in my own business.

Jason Gill, MD, OceanPrint

… .he helps with ideas, and then he looks at it and re-writes bits – as soon as you see the bit he has re-written you absolutely know it’s far more useful. It all seems so obvious – but I’m still learning from Richard. It’s real hands-on practical help. And he keeps me sane sometimes to be honest when you wonder sometimes why you’re bothering!

Julie Jerrum, Blu Bell

We were originally impressed with Richard when we included some of his ideas and strategies into some marketing – and they worked! The main benefit to me is being able to cherry pick the ideas that are suited to the wholesale jewellery industry and incorporate them into our marketing. Incorporating these ideas has definitely improved the response we get, and helped to clarify our marketing goals.

Jeremy Gilbert, St Justin Ltd

Thank goodness! Something in Richard’s email headline made me read it instead of deleting it immediately. Richard’s Marketing Report and the Common-Sense-Marketing website has been the key to opening my mind to far more effective marketing strategies. I totally understood his methodology and ideas, and I now know what I have to do!

Michael Wetherill , DeVere Homes

We used Richard’s advice to amend the in-house marketing that we do. It has certainly altered the way we approach our marketing. The advice has helped us to improve the response to our mailings, and increase enquiries from our website due to improved Google ranking.

John Mosley, Marketing Manager, H Bowers Ltd

Since the seminar, I have actioned much of the advice that Richard discussed with us. The beauty of this advice is that it costs very little to implement. I certainly came away from the event loaded with new ideas and enthusiasm.

Leila Watmough , Fraser Muir Holdings

The report’s inspiring. I keep reading parts of it again and again!

Charles Seymour-Cole, In Focus Asset Management and Tax Solutions Ltd